New Website: Lord of the Lightsaber


If you haven't gathered by now, I am a huge geek. As such, some friends and I have put together this little fan site called that focuses on Science Fiction and Fantasy News. I'm the senior content editor for the site, but I'm not the only contributor. So far, Aaron Hastings and Heather Moon have also contributed to the site. Aaron is the local games expert, and Heather is the local anime expert. I hope to be able to bring on others with expertise in specific areas of content.

I'm putting together a large game plan for the site. You should expect a number of weekly attractions like fan art, memes, roundtable discussions, character spotlights, fan spotlights, etc. Enjoy!

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The Difference Between Transmedia and Franchises


A big debate among the transmedia community is the difference between a media franchise and transmedia. Is there a difference? If so, what is it?

I am certainly not an expert on all things transmedia. My close friends would say otherwise, but the truth is I'm still a newcomer to the scene compared to some of the other big names out there. However, I think I have an idea of what the difference is, at least to a small scale.

A cross-platform franchise is a big budget marketing campaign. It takes the form of tie-in media and other stories to increase the word of mouth for the core story (often a film or video game). Each story usually stands on its own. A franchise is almost always entertainment based and the customer can interact with the franchise in a passive way.

Transmedia, on the other hand, is more contained and is active. I've found that transmedia will often conform to one or more of the following criteria. Use these when determining if it is a franchise or not.

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Marvel Developing Multi-Series Deal with Netflix


It looks like Marvel is continuing to expand their boundaries. With the continued success of Netflix original series, Marvel has decided to team up with them for a superhero smorgasbord. They will be bringing us a series for each of the following characters: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage, which will eventually conclude in a Defenders mini-series. Think of it as the Avengers on a smaller scale.

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Introducing Plots and Errors


You may have heard about this if you've been paying close attention, but I'd like to officially announce the project "Plots and Errors." This is a project that has been in pre-production for the last six months or so, and we are about to start full production. With this official announcement, I would like to point you to two things. The first is a small featurette explaining what "Plots and Errors" is. This will hopefully be the first in a series of featurettes. You can find it by going to The second is this exclusive interview with They were gracious in helping me start getting the word out.

"Plots and Errors" will take Shakespeare's plays and put them together in the same universe. This is a lot like the television show Once Upon a Time, or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Separate stories will be told, but they will all come together at the same time.

We hope to tell more stories than this first "season" that will be debuting in early 2014. However, these first few stories will be shown through the following mediums, and for the following Shakespearean characters:

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Dark Horse Comics


Hello everyone, I have a fun announcement to make. I have recently been approved to receive advanced copies of Dark Horse Comics. If you are unaware, Dark Horse Comics is one of the top comic companies out there, next to Marvel and DC Comics. They are best known for their licensed works, especially Star Wars, Halo, Indiana Jones, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alien, Predator, Mass Effect, and others. They are also known for their original stories like Hellboy and Sin City, among others.

I will be receiving advanced copies of many of these works. In return I will be reviewing many of them here. I will be focusing on the licensed works, or any work that is part of a transmedia franchise. For now, I'm going to focus on Star Wars, Halo, and Mass Effect.

I plan on reviewing each individual comic issue as a blog post. Then, once the story arc for the comic has ended, I will post an overarching review of the story on one of the timelines found in the Transmedia Franchises section. Links to the individual reviews will also be included there.

So expect pre-release sneak peeks at some of the latest Dark Horse comics. This is an exciting time.

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How DC Comics Should Connect Their Shared Universe.


justice league posterDC Comics has struggled to present a strong presence with its film universe. With the notable exception of Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, almost every DC film has tanked, either at the box-office or critically. With Marvel putting the pressure on with their shared Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC must be desperate to match the box office success that Marvel is having. Indeed, they already seem to be trying to do so. This summer's Man of Steel already held several Easter eggs that hinted at a larger shared universe. But how should they do this? That's what I'm hear to suggest.

Before Marvel's shared universe films began to come out, DC Comics was usually the innovator when it came to shared universes. They were the first to think of a superhero team-up for comics with the Batman/Superman comic The World's Finest in 1941, and the Justice League in 1960. Marvel didn't unveil the Avengers until 1963, probably as a response to DC's Justice League. In animated television, DC Comics was again the first to put their shows together, combining the 1992 Batman animated series and the Superman animated series to create the Justice League animated series.

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Introducing our Official YouTube Channel!


This has been in the works for some time now, but it's taken me longer than I thought to put together. However, the wait is over and I can now officially announce the YouTube channel for

Here is the link to the Transmedia Storytelling YouTube Channel.

I've only launched one video so far, and that video is a simple trailer that I created. However, it includes a new logo that I put together and new artwork for the site that I am particularly proud of. That's the artwork you see above in case you didn't realize. Isn't it cool looking!?

Here's what I intend to do with the YouTube channel. First of all I hope to give a series of instructional videos about Transmedia, because it is a relatively new field and a lot remains to be done with it. I will also be putting together several chronology series that will take big franchises, like Star Wars or Halo, and outline how the cross-platform stories all fit together. We might also get some "making of" spotlights for projects currently in the works.

So check out the new channel and watch the very first video for

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Why Superman is the worst, and best, idea for a video game.


Almost all well-known superheroes have been adapted into one video game or another. Nothing fulfills the purpose of a superhero story more than being able to step into that person's shoes and fight for truth, justice, and...high scores. We are inspired by heroes, we want to emulate them, hence the video game appeal. Of all superheroes, none is more recognizable than Superman. He is the epitome of the perfect superhero. Not only is he invincible but he can fly. Who doesn't want to fly?! I mean really.

The Superman Problem

This is where we get a problem. Even though Superman is the ultimate superhero and the greatest example of goodness, he is almost too good. He is difficult to relate to. He is difficult to find a suitable adversary for. For the most part, his only opposition has either been people who are just as strong as he is or the infamous Kryptonite, or as I like to call it, the short cut. Superman has worked fine as a comic book, but often bombs as a film, and has yet to become a successful video game (despite several attempts).

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Arrested Development as Transmedia...which it isn't.


All the buzz on the internet right now surrounds the revival of the hit TV show Arrested Development. For those who don't know, the show was cancelled after only three seasons in 2006. After several years, and with a TON of fan support, the series was picked up by Netflix to produce a fourth season. The response has been huge to say the least, with Netflix hitting a high spike in viewership. This is the first time that a cancelled show has been revived to this degree, and they couldn't have picked a better cult-favorite to do it with. The only show that has been demanding a revival like Arrested Development would probably be Firefly, but that's another story entirely.

Now let me clarify a bit: Arrested Development is not transmedia by the traditional definition of the word. The show currently only uses a television platform, and hasn't branched out to other mediums. However, as I was watching Netflix's fourth season, I couldn't help but notice a lot of similarities between what transmedia does and what Arrested Development was doing. I've listed some of them here to name a few.

Connection to Pop-Culture

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3D Printing in Transmedia?


3D printing is still in its infancy, but I think it's already time to discuss how 3D printing could potentially contribute to transmedia storytelling. In practice, transmedia loves using emerging technologies to tell stories, so since 3D printing is one of the most promising emerging technologies, it's worth a look.

Current Relation to Transmedia

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